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PACT now offers free membership to Indies

Yes, free membership to Indies offered by PACT reported by Televisual

  • Cheers for this John,

    I've had a look at their site and it appears to be upto 6 free months until October 2020 during the Covid-19 disturbance when nobody is making movies but might be planning some. After this period, regular rates apply.

    Probably worthwhile just to get access to the document library if nothing else.

    4 weeks ago
  • Buckingham ! Oh well it might help some projects. Thanks for the heads up Paddy.

    4 weeks ago
    • I mean it's still a great deal for someone even if that's "all" it is. Particularly anyone London-based if they have any member events before October.

      I may be reading it wrong and am pleased to be corrected if I am off course. And great find, John :)

      4 weeks ago
  • I just lifted from a headline on the Televisual website. It just goes to underline that the devil is in the detail.

    No such thing as a free dinner !

    4 weeks ago