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European Film Academy Awards

I remain astonished and disgusted that the EFA Awards receive no publicity in the UK. The EFA is the BAFTA of the EU, of which we are a part. The ceremony is also far superior to the BAFTAs and extends over a full weekend, not just one night. It promotes ALL European films, cast and crew, INCLUDING BRITISH FILMS and this year honoured Sir Michael Caine. The Awards Ceremony gets broadcast live in every country EXCEPT the UK...

  • I am a prime mover on channel 8 TV in UK and I may well be able to help get these awards shown across UK - networked across the 22 city stations on Channel 8. Please get in touch with me

    3 years ago
  • I wasn't sure why I'd never heard of them, could be because they're actually very small. 3000 members across Europe is less than half the voting (ie excluding associates, regions) membership of BAFTA. Unless I've misunderstood, they're just not a big deal. 3000 people is significantly less than the capacity of the Albert Hall, just for scale.

    Not that they shouldn't be a bigger deal or aren't great or worthy, just they actually are a much smaller deal than BAFTA, which is typically in English, for a domestic audience.

    3 years ago
  • If there were demand then I'm sure that they would be shown on TV. Let's face it: we don't show the Oscars on terrestrial TV in the UK and probably only show the BAFTAs under some sort of public service remit (or maybe because so many TV and channel execs are BAFTA members!)

    To be completely frank, I find awards ceremonies quite dull, unless I have some sort of involvement in them in which case I will happily bore as many people as possible in the weeks and months running up and also rope in as many as possible to come along and sit through it all.

    Even the organisers are aware of their potential to bore hence the rules on speech lengths and the attempt to introduce controversial hosts who say insulting things about the people taking part. That's something I could get on board with, but I doubt EFA will do this.

    In My Indecision is Final, the story of the rise and fall of Goldcrest Films, Jake Eberts talks about The Mission at the Cannes Film Festival. He was rather sceptical that it would make any difference to the film's prospects and even though it won the Palm D'or he turned out to be right. Very often these things are a jamboree for the egos of the people involved which makes very little difference to cinema audiences or to culture in general.

    My impression of EFA is that like most things with the word "European" prefixed to it, it has a political agenda. Obviously all awards ceremonies have agendas and bias, but with in this case it feels political. The films which typically get nominated have a very classical European arthouse feel to them and do not reflect the diversity and breadth of filmmaking across Europe. I've noticed that very few of the UK films nominated for the short film award - and I tracked this over ten years of data - were actually set in the UK and often had a very pan-European feel to them. There is an example this year: Field Study. "Martin, a shy Englishman in his early 20s, is in Poland doing a field study on river pollution..."

    It's written by a Dane, directed by a German and filmed in Poland. But I digress, because my main point is about the subject matter and the films on which EFA bestow their baubles are ones which look outwards towards Europe and when gathered together their is a rather contrived and coercive feeling of a message and an agenda at work.

    3 years ago
  • I don't think UK broadcasters respect filmmakers properly. Very few shown on TV ... I would like to offer to show on Ch8 EVERY film made in UK by filmmakers. We are not able to pay fees but we are able to get the film a big audience. The filmmaker retains all rights. I have already done this on trial with some filmmakers and everyone happy. Essentially a Film Fest on TV with no entry fees. I am doing this with my own film out next month too.

    3 years ago
  • If you Google EFA from the UK you go into pages of Financial links and have to put in EFA Film, which kind of indicates how little it is known in the UK.

    Also, The criteria EFA give for submissions can be very narrow - for instance for the Young People's Award they specify an age rage of 12-14 .... that is neither one thing or the other! Who can afford to make films solely for 12-14 year olds?

    But thanks for bringing it to our attention Frank.

    3 years ago