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Looking for Collaborators? This is the Most Effective Way of Connecting with Other Shooters

Hey Shooters,

We’ve noticed recently a number of posts into the Ask and Discuss forums from people looking for collaborators or scripts. This is all BRILLIANT. And exactly what we want you to use SP for.

However, we find the most effective way to connect with each other is for you to list your projects in the Production part of the site. You can do this by clicking on the navigation ‘Production’ > ‘Get People’ (

We encourage members to use the Production pages as this process will give others a fuller sense of your project and what you're after - this is something members have consistently asked for in feedback.

We know this process takes a little more time, but we believe it’s totally worth it. By having to think a bit more about the different elements of your project (what kind of script are you after? How many shoot days do you expect there to be? What equipment do you need? Does finance need to be raised?) you not only get to nail down some key elements of your film, but it allows members who are interested in working with you get a better sense of what’s on offer. You don’t need to know everything (often members post at the early stages of pre-production), but it makes for a richer post.

Once you’ve added your project to the Production pages (and outlined what kind of collaborators you’re looking for), it will have a lovely spot in the Production directory and be published in the bulletins, giving you more exposure. If members want to contact you for more information, they can do.

Finally, we also encourage you to sign up to any of the bulletins that might be of interest ( For example, if you're looking for scripts you might want to subscribe to the Script Pitch and Screenwriter bulletins. Or post into Production and say what kind of script/screenwriter you’re looking for. Routes such as these are the most effective for finding collaborators.

We wish you all lots of luck in finding each other and making exciting and creative work :-)


  • On the contrary, some paying customers of Shooting People look first to the open-ended requests for collaboration and offers of collaboration that people freely post in Ask and Discuss. These are the only sections of Shooting People offering that vital service to this forum of filmmakers.

    Sometimes it is the users of a website that show the owners how that website can be improved. It was twitter users who invented the retweet :)

    1 year ago
  • Thanks very much for your insight. We've had a great deal of feedback from members that making collaboration offers via 'Production' is incredibly useful as it allows members to see more detailed information about projects. It also means that it will be listed in the production directory and posted into the bulletins, which gives the project more chance of engagement. In some instances where it's clear that there isn't a specific project, then posting as you say into Q/A does make sense. Thanks, Molly

    1 year ago
  • Belt and braces! The community discuss and ask sections can also be used to direct interested parties to the additional and more detailed Production pages.

    There's more to the realities of members here than those wholey focused on seeking jobs or productions. We're not wholey a community of beginners and job seekers per se. Many here are busy, well established and have their own solid networks and business models. Those members don't often trawl the production pages but are more interested in less specific and more opportunisticly random connections that may not yet be manifest in any definitively structured form. It's fundimental to creative enterprise.

    The unknown can often be more potent and interesting than the known.

    1 year ago