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Get it right first time - article

Hi all,

Just wanted to share with you a short article I've written on problems that can happen on set with regards to audio. Sound is such an important thing to record yet it can easily go horribly wrong. In this article, I discuss a few problems I've come up against in post that could have easily been fixed whilst on set.

If you have any of your own experiences, I'd love to hear about them.

  • Bunch of Londoners have found a wood to shoot in. They ask me to come and check it out.

    They're looking around, "wow, no roads, no houses, this is perfect see".

    Me. "No it isn't. Listen"

    Them. Listening. "Nope, can't hear anything".

    I point upwards at the jets passing overhead.

    City people, they were so used to tuning out the noises they didn't want to hear, they literally didn't hear the aircraft until they could see them.

    A different, quieter, location was found :-)

    Which I am sure made the soundies job much much easier :-)

    Speaking of which, motorways and dual carriageways. If you scout an outdoor shoot and there is one within a mile, you need to scout it when the road is upwind.

    8 months ago
    • That brilliant. Just goes to show the importance of actively listening to your environment. Great to hear you spotted it early.

      Sometimes, if in doubt, simply recording a few minutes of "silence" to play back over headphones back at home can help confirm just how "silent" the space actually is.

      I recall going through takes of a film and hearing the actors swearing at police sirens that kept on going off in the background. I guess it didn't help them keep their flow very well.

      8 months ago