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Shooting People
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Need an affordable editor to complete my film

My documentary which is just over 50mins will need to be completed, it is 95 to 99% finished but the credits may need some tweaking.
SO far the film has been edited in Final Cut Pro Version 10.4.8, footage has been shot in 4K, the film needs sound editing and grading.
The proceeds of the film are going towards a young group of dancers touring and education costs, and we are operating on a very tight budget
So far we have someone that is interested in grading and colouring of the film plus we have in mind another person to do the sound balance, but need an editor to bring the whole lot together once they have completed the tasks

  • Hi Moira

    I'd love to know more about this project. Drop me a mail here or at sbkedit@GMAIL.COM



    2 weeks ago