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Technical Deliverables for Film Festivals going into 2020

First, Happy Holidays to All,

Technology continues to rapidly change. I'm preparing to get my short film ready to send out to festivals. I'm told the best way to submit is to upload the film to an account on FilmFreeway. I need to insure that the film will be exported in the correct format to look right on a larger cinema screen, as opposed to Vimeo (online).

How have any of you been submitting of late? Do you use FilmFreeway? I believe they have a 10GB limit, which I would presume would be for a 90- minute feature film. The master grade mov file for my 10 minute short is at 13.9 GB, and this is before final assembly of sound to be added. So I'm a bit confused here not coming from the film world proper.

I have very little personal understanding of film editing. How big a file size and in what format should a 10 minute short be to have the quality to be seen correctly on festival cinema screens?

Many of us have to be facing this issue and need to get it right.

  • All the festivals I looked at last year required films to be submitted in 1080p. In case you don't know, that's HD rather than 2K or 4K. When converted to a 1080p mp4, my 28 minute film was just over 8GB. If your mere 10 minute film comes in larger than that when converted to MP4, drop the data rate on the conversion app.

    My film projected fine as an 8GB mp4. The audio mix I sent to festivals was stereo – I would say that not many film festivals would have a 5.1 surround sound system.

    I have just looked on the filmfreeway site, where there is an indication that they do not impose a 10 GB limit. I quote: "Your FilmFreeway account comes with unlimited storage."

    9 months ago