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Shooting People
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Are there Shooters out there who agree with Brexit & that 21st century political correctness is a soft form of fascism?

Myself and a colleague want to network with people who agree with Brexit and that much of modern feminism and political correctness has gone too far. We want people who share the views of folks like Nigel Farage, KT Hopkins, Jesse Lee Peterson, Claire Lehmann, Julie Borowski, Mia Love, Tim Scott, Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren etc
The aim is to do a monthly discussion show for Youtube and champion a right of centre pov that often gets ignored by the mainstream media. Comedians, actors and the public are so sacred to talk about migration, religion, sex, race, reverse discrimination etc that fresh thinking and comedy is being suppressed.

  • Suppressed? Suppression implies active doing down by people in control. Have you read the Mail (other right wing newspapers are available) recently?

    "I can't get a platform with a big audience" does not mean "I am being suppressed".

    Good luck with your show, but please, lets' keep cries of suppression to situations where it really does apply (insert dictatorship of your choice here).


    1 year ago
  • I was wondering who was going to respond first to this unlikely strand. Marlom, I'm impressed with the graceful restraint of your post. I was thinking more in terms of 'knuckle draggers'

    1 year ago
  • Ok so I’m the stupid one. Let’s have a debate via Skype or film it and let people decide who’s being suppressed and who are the sheep in this age of Facebook ( I call it Facef—-k cos everyone’s trying to shag their own faces) and Leftie pc fascism from the mainstream media/BBC etc
    This invite is for Marlom,John and anyone else who wants to debate the post.

    1 year ago
    • "who are the sheep", "I call it Facef—-k", "Leftie pc fascism".

      I suspect you'll get more interest if you don't suggest a pre-assumed agenda on your own platform.

      1 year ago
    • Language matters. If you abuse language you're no better than the lefties you hate so much when they make minor issues one of "human rights".

      Suppressed has a meaning.

      A business colleague (and one of the best people I ever met) was "disappeared" by a dictatorship. That is suppression. Family members took part in protests that involved facing down the Russian army. The Russian response was to shoot to kill the unarmed protestors. That was an attempt at suppression.

      I myself risked arrest on an illegal protest. Non violent direct action. We were aiming at media attention. WE got it. Some people did get arrested. But even then I didn't consider that the government was suppressing us. Opposing us yes, but suppressing us, no.

      BTW, you did notice you managed to complain about suppression in the same paragraph as you discuss having a YouTube channel.....

      Hint - people who are being suppressed do not openly discuss running YouTube channels, because to do so is likely to get them jailed or killed, depending on how suppressive your local government happens to be.

      1 year ago
  • As a bleeding heart left liberal I am all for open discussion and a forum to build a discussion but it has to be informed on all sides. The names you mention, specifically Katie Hopkins, are more interested in generaing controvesary rather than making any kind of point. If it is just a group of right wing leaning people together surely then there is no point to the platform if they all agree. If you're after a 'Question Time' format that maybe better. In fairness fresh thinking isn't being suppressed, The Daily Mail and The Sun are there for all the world to see, millions hang on the words of people such as Farage and Hopkins, if they were being suppressed then you wouldn't hear their voices. The right have plenty of outlets for their voice, in fact they have a monopoly on facebook, Britain's First are the most popular political party facebook page, Hopkins and Farage tweet like their lives depend on it.

    And please don't say that wanting equal rights for all is leftie facism. My family has experienced facism up close and believe me. It isn't.

    1 year ago