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Shooting People
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Podcast feat. new wave of French Extreme producer FRANCK RIBIERE

FRANCK RIBIERE produced the neo-classic horror - INSIDE, is a prime mover in what's now recognised as the new wave of French Extreme cinema and co-produced a few belting Spanish genre films too. 2007's INSIDE, 2009's CELL 211, 2010's KIDNAPPED and 2011's LIVID

He's now directed his first film: THE MOST ASSASSINATED WOMAN IN THE WORLD and he talks to me about it and the horror genre more generally on the latest Britflicks Podcast

An absolute delight to interview


  • Fascinating and insightful Podcast Stuart, enjoyed listening to it as I worked. Franck produced some of the most interesting psy hor movies in the last decade, greatly looking forward to seeing his debut and hope to meet him myself in the not to distant future. Kudos for recording the interview and many thanks.

    11 months ago
  • Hola Staurt,
    Many thanks for the heads-up on "Kidnapped" (2010) that you mentioned you found on Netflix during your PodCast. Did you manage to find any other of the films Franck produced on there?
    many thanks Ray

    11 months ago
  • Anyone who dug this podcast and/or is interested in the Grand-Guignol there's a great event at Miskatonic Institute in central London on 7 Feb discussing the HORROR AND HILARITY: THE LEGACY OF THE GRAND-GUIGNOL
    details here

    9 months ago