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"Angel" needed to help me cover MA in directing fees

Art Lovers "Angels" needed, Mature Student seeking "Angel" for post grad theatre/film directing course, im hoping to raise course fees
can you help?
Amanda :)

  • I suspect this may not be the ideal place to seek that help, Amanda, most members are in similarly aspiring places themselves.

    Just a thought, though, is there a reason you need an MA in being a director? Why not put that money into being a director? I don't know what a masters costs, presumably quite a lot if you're asking for assistance finding the money, so could that money be diverted into practical experience? I get that an MA would be a lovely thing to have, but is it a necessity, or even the best bang for buck? Most famous or even jobbing directors haven't been held back through lack of academic qualifications. Just flagging it up in case it helps.

    4 months ago
    • Hi Paddy absolutley I understand and get what your saying, when doing film directing and media this defo applys, but I also direct theatre and here in the UK alot of big theatre companies tend to hire trained directors, im just trying to cover my base and improve myself., if i had a lot of money ideally id buy a little theatre with a studio and run a theatre company and also make films. but alas i havnt , one only can try x

      4 months ago
  • I agree with Paddy, though he puts much more gracefully than I would. After 35 years in film and television, including some 26 years running short courses, especially for graduates of film and media degrees, I've not been impressed with University Degrees.

    It's an old proverb that's often unfairly applied, but it not entirely without validity. 'Those who can do, those that can't teach.'

    Letters after ones name might impress some. I have good reason not to be amongst that number, either in film and television terms, law or even in the presumed empirical provenance of science and medicine.

    4 months ago