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Shooting People
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looking for good and "hungry" screenwriter in order to create a good film from a very nice fantasy book for children and young adults.

the book is a nice fantasy book,and the idea and dream is to make it to unternational movie.i belive and know it can happen and looking for the one to run with ....

  • This book of which you speak.

    Do you own the film rights?

    What sort of contract are you offering the writer?

    Hint - if you are the sort of person who can get this film made, or even get in the same room as the kind of people who can fund this film, the answers are "Yes" and "one that pays a decent amount for the first draft".

    If those are not the answers, then most writers working on spec prefer to work on their own projects. Getting a good writer to work on spec on someone else's project is a big ask.

    1 year ago
  • i new in this...i belive in this book and i belive i can get the first amount to do it or find some eople to share this project..but i think that first thing is to find a very good screenwriter to start with..i realy looking for the right way to start

    1 year ago
  • I think Marlom just suggested the right way to start and yet you've answered his post by completely ignoring the fundimental issues he's raised!!??

    Clearly English is not your native language and I imagine that has something to do with the miscommunication. Probably it's best to have a friend who is fluent in English and can understand Marloms questions help you to provide a reasoned response. You're in danger of being mistaken for a Walter Mitty type at the present.

    1 year ago
  • I agree - Fact is any half decent writer, even a new one is likely to be hungry for more - overheads like money for food and rent work very well for all of us!yes we all work for nowt on our own stories but? Want a script that’s good enough to get fiunded, you at least need to find overheads

    1 year ago