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A Short Film Adaptation of Alistair MacLeod's "In The Fall"

Hey Shooters!

I'm working with a small Scottish crew helmed by producers who have previously worked with Netflix, the BBC and MTP (now with THE Alan Davies of QI fame onboard as an Executive Producer). We're currently in pre-production and fundraising for a short film adaptation of "In The Fall" from the late, great Canadian author Alistair MacLeod.

It's a big passion project for all of us and we're looking for as much helpful advice, word-spreading and financial aid as possible. If you're interested, do drop me a line on here and have a look at our indiegogo below for more information. Any help is massively appreciated!

  • I'm going to post this to the My Favourite Murder podcast of the hosts mentioned it recently, and they have a huge fan base. I hope it helps!
    I did a crowdfund recently, had to put some money in myself in order to reach the was exhausting but ultimately raised half the budget so I guess that's something, huh! Good luck you're doing really well it seems!!

    12 months ago
  • AH damn it. It's after the fall, not in the fall they were talking about. Never mind. Anyway, try promoting to podcast fanbases! Literary ones?

    12 months ago
    • Thanks for the help anyway Elizabeth! We've got a few podcasts in mind!

      12 months ago