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Shooting People
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Writer looking for Director/DoP to collaborate with on short film

Hi there,

I'm a writer who has just completed a short script titled 'Tracking Back'. I work in the industry and have got positive feedback from professionals on this. I'm now actively looking to meet Directors to come in on the project. From my perspective, i'm looking to expand my CV and get my writing produced.

'Tracking Back' (working title) is a cross between This is England and You Were Never Really Here. It follows James, who reluctantly returns to his hometown after the death of his mother. He is forced to reconnect with his estranged father, who disowned him for substance abuse 15 years ago.

I think a lot of the strength in this script lives in the exposition. At it's heart, it's about a troubled man who returns to a life that he left behind, but one of the most important characters is the location. Everything and nothing has changed in this miscellaneous, little England town since he was last there. He now has one last chance to heal old wounds that continue to affect his present day.

If this has piqued your interest, then don't hesitate to message me.

  • Hi Thomas,

    You can also find collaborators on the site using the Production > Get People function on the Shooting People homepage. Good luck with the project!

    2 months ago