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Shooting People
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Getting Started and earning your stripes but where to start?

So I graduated about a year ago, done a runners course, jumped around some online jobs but really want to get into commerical I know the main thing for people is experience and right now a great way is to help people on short films and learn more to build up, I worked on a short before COVID on my first true runner credit and loved it, got the job through a previeous connection but I'm wondering where do people find these sort of entry level opportunities in the short film area, the sort that is above student but not fully pro, its advice I often get but I'm not sure where to find them eventhough Im eager to meet these people and help them on their projects.

TL;DR where do people look for runners for their short films and does cold emailing work?

  • You're already within a good network. Check out the SP resources and give a really good description of yourself, what you can offer, and any time or place limits. Cold emailing is an art which if done with great authenticity and without smarm, can work well. Keep it tight. Add links if appropriate.

    One thing leads to another. Keep creating things !

    4 months ago
  • Oh also, avoid those cliched CV waffles so beloved and taught by film school lecturers; especially the term 'passionate'.

    4 months ago
  • Films go through stages, and the time runners are engaged is usually the end of preproduction, a few days before going in to shoot. The people doing the engagement will be the production office, and in that office it will often be a Production Coordinator tasked with "get us 5 runners". PC's will not be long since being runners themselves, so will be unimpressed by bluster and bullshit, they will care more about if you can handle cash, can you drive a car, do you own a car, etc. Runner is not a creative position, so think pragmatically about showing you don't mind standing in the rain for 12h if that's what's needed, and not that you're looking forward to giving the director the benefit of your insight ;-)

    Anyway, finding films at that position means keeping your eyes open, and asking as many people as you already know if they know of any projects in preproduction and getting in touch. Local film offices can be helpful in knowing what's going on.

    4 months ago
  • Learned advice from Paddy.

    4 months ago
  • Thank you both! Very great advice for me to work from, I know what you mean by dogged, only young but the stories I could already tell :D Good to know I shouldn't be afraid of those opportunities!

    4 months ago
  • Hi Morgan, where are you based? I will be needing passionate production assistants who will work for food and travel expenses on my micro budget feature this autumn...

    2 months ago
    • Hey Terri, based in London if you're still looking for runners I'd love to put my name forward.

      2 weeks ago