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Shooting People
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A Massive Thank you to SP, I Had a Dream & You Made it a Reality

6 months ago, I had an innocent little question about anamorphic lenses and posted a thread on Shooting People, from that one post, a very talented and experienced cinematographer contacted me and I realised I had an opportunity.

Before pitching my short to him, I decided to bring the script to life, so I drew some storyboards and animated them to music that I composed in a little trailer.

That piqued his interest and once he was aboard I realised I really had to follow through and gather a great team, I found my entire crew with Shooting People, and they were all incredible professionals. 
Even though I could only offer travel expenses and food and coffee, as this was self-funded, the crew brought their A-game and showed such passion for their work.

The universe truly parted the seas to allow us to make this film, I ended up with free flights to the UK (I'm British but live in Spain), local councils and buses gave us permission to film for free in public and everything managed to fall into place. We even filmed on an Arri Alexa mini with anamorphic lenses which was an incredible privilege. During post production it took me less than 24 hours get a recommendation for a talented colour grader who did a fantastic job!

‘Little’ (the short film) is now complete and I just finished the process of entering Berlinale (fingers crossed) and will be entering many more


I feel so proud of the team, and want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved on Shooting People from the crew to anyone who answered a question in the forum to everyone that makes this community what it is!

I have made contacts and friends that I hope to work with for life.

Here’s a little trailer:

Here's the indiegogo campaign which is helping 'Little' enter film festivals worldwide

And if you'd like to contact the crew, I can highly recommend all of them!
DoP - Derk Russell
Sound Recordist - Lee Viesnik
MakeUp - Sinead McGowan -
Colour Grader - Lee Robinson
SFX Correction - Leonid Grigurko

  • What a lovely story! Thank you for sharing, makes it all worthwhile ;-)

    2 years ago
  • Hola,
    Wonderful positive communication! Sorry, couldn't get your link to play for some technical reason as very curious, please repost if amended? Kudos Kristophe on your ingress professionally forward, I personally made it onto quite a few radars this year with my latest indie feature. Let's build positively on filmmaking experiences through actual filmmaking and collective empowering for ourselves and our collaborators. Please feel free to PM me as it is always good to share the pros and cons of actual experience as you move through sales and distribution.
    Kindest regards Ray

    2 years ago
  • Thanks Ray -That's great congratulations!

    Well it's a short, so I'm mainly aiming for festivals and have entered a few already

    I tried repasting it in the original post but I think it's ok - works for me

    2 years ago
  • And Thanks Paddy too :-)

    2 years ago
  • Lovely story, thanks for sharing Kristopher!

    2 years ago
  • Thanks Helen!
    I'm happy to say the indiegogo page is starting to get contributions and I've entered some more festivals including Cinekink NYC, Aspen Shortsfest & Berlinale

    2 years ago