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Shooting People
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Turning your family into a YouTube sensation?

Interesting article in The Grauniad about families who put everything they do on YT and the impact it may have on the kids.

To me this seems so intrusive. That guy giving his kid a telling off on camera - for all the world to see, without her knowing the camera is on - makes me want to lean into the screen and poke him in the eye. What must it be like growing up and having total strangers know really personal stuff about you..?

One day one of these kids will decide they want all the videos removed from YouTube. What happens then?

  • Karel, it's not just youtube.

    If I put a picture on Facebook, sometimes total strangers (friends of friends of friends) like it. So, I get reluctant to say things there.

    Some people share things on there that I think no one really needs to know.

    I think social media in general is pretty intrusive. It's not just parents, it's your friends' parents, sometimes even schools. School photos are available online, and school records can easily be leaked.

    In the old days, there were documentaries that were like reality shows, there was some intrusion to the royal family too, but at least royals had the money to hide from the crowd when they needed to.

    But today, in the Guardian and the Huffington Waste, we hear personal stories of nobodies all the time. And, unlike the old supermarket tabloid tales, these nobodies aren't even getting paid to write it.

    The difference today is that our generation is stupid enough to tell these stories for free, and without a pseudonym.

    3 years ago
  • That's so wrong on every level. What a sad, desperate person.

    3 years ago