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Shooting People
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Th'Dread Rattlin' on Amazon Prime & Vimeo

Hello all,

Thankyou to those who have engaged in distribution discussions around 'Th'Dread Rattlin' in recent weeks. Rattlin' is my 13th indie feature since 2010. It's also my first move into the horror genre and deliberately trope laden. It's now available on Amazon Prime and Vimeo on Demand so please support the film if you have a Prime subscription (free to stream) and give it a watch and a rating on IMDb.

This 78m feature film was shot,edited and premiered (in Nightpiece Film Festival in Edinburgh Festival Fringe) start to finish in less than 3 months, June - August on a total spend of less than £1k. That's about as efficient as you can be as a Filmmaker.

IMDb (Click thru - Please rate it if you watch)

Amazon Prime

Vimeo on Demand

I'm now back to heavyweight drama for the next three film productions ('Princess in the Castle', 'The Executioner Inside' and 'Homeless Comforts').

Keep filming!

Al Carretta,
Director Nightpiece Media

  • Had the chance last night to watch for a second time Al, noticed a lot more especially with your interesting use of sound. Looking forward tto seeing your next one.
    Many thanks Ray

    9 months ago