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Shooting People
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Reality TV Watching Group

Hey All,

I wanted to let you know about a watching/discussion group we're slowly starting at Auto Italia South East. It'd be wonderful to see you there if it sparks your interest. Please find the information below.

All best,


In Search of Real Love
Reality TV Watching Group

The second meeting of the Reality TV Watching Group will hone in on love and dating in reality TV. From the competition format to scripted reality sagas mapping the romantic lives of a show’s stars, ideas of ‘real' love are omnipresent in many of our favourite reality shows today. We’d like to invite those attending the watching group to send suggested clips in advance that they would like to discuss together, though there is no requirement to do this in order to come along and take part.

Reality television shows enjoy ubiquitous presence but rarely attract critical viewing. This watching group presents them for active and collective engagement to understand where, and how, do they stand within our culture.

The session will take place on Thursday 28th September at 7pm at the Auto Italia project space (44 Bonner Road, E2 9JS).

  • This is actually a really interesting idea. I'm not London based so cannot join you, but if discussions are analytical this could be a really interesting deepening of understanding for those wanting to make "reality" shows and make them compelling.

    Of course "reality" is a broad term and is used to cover genuine obs-doc style formats (people at work at an airport) through to scripted reality like TOWIE where every single thing is engineered by a production team and story editors to be so far removed from real reality as to be a pastiche of the name. This could be a really, really interesting discussion group if it has an industry slant.

    1 year ago