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The problem with old numbers

I found this in my inbox, from ten years ago (2008):

"Hi Vasco,

I am now able to give you the unit prices for tenancy. This is monthly and includes all services, utilities and VAT. You have your own keys and 24hr access.

Exclusive use: 295.72
Non Exc. use: 147.86"

If I told you what "all services" included, you probably wouldn't believe me. A telephone number, a share receptionist, electric (I guess that's utilities), use of common equipment, use of a common room (which could be reserved for exclusive use), a shared waiting area. You get the idea.

Non exclusive use meant the possibility of sharing. You could always upgrade to exclusive use, if the empty offices were ever filled.

There were three media-related companies with offices there. (One corporate, one fiction that has since closed, and one 3D visualisation that has moved in a different direction.) All moved out years ago, one because it grew too big, two because the office space is no longer available.

Now, inflation is one problem. The other problem is, I wasn't sure of the numbers. Before I checked, I had a slightly different number in my head. I think the other number may have included Vat.

Could you find office space for my film company at that price today? 150 a month, two desks, furnished (and new furniture, not the old crud the last owner forgot to throw away), all inclusive? (I still have one of the chairs, and a cabinet. They let me keep some things when they closed down, and I used them in a film.) If so, let me know.

If you have an old budget lying around, update it. If you have old books or notes, check. If you see numbers on a website, or hear them in a seminar, know that they may be using old numbers.

Do you have any old numbers that you had to check yourself to believe?

  • This post is the one that seemed to offend Ray Brady so much that he brought up the old ones. The fact that he did not reply to this post with an "er" or to the one on self distribution with an "er" says something, so I'll leave them up.

    8 months ago
  • Inflation as a point of discussion really? It doesn't offend me I simply want to keep this discussion list relevant to filmmaking. Please in the future only put posts like this one up onto Facebook or similar social media, when you then experience a sudden drop-off of follows you might understand that you constant uninformative, irelevant points are tiresome attempts to stay at the front of the "Discussion" list and sadly not helping or informing anyone of anything construtive or useful.
    Regards Ray

    8 months ago
  • Ray, inflation is relevant to budgeting. Besides, you're the one who blew your top at me when I wouldn't give you numbers.

    If you're budgeting a film to look for investors, it could take four years for your film to roll. So, if you're looking at films made five years ago, well, your numbers will be almost ten years out of date when it comes time to pay for things.

    This website also asks screenwriters to put a budget up when you pitch a script. How many screenwriters have line produced a film? The easiest way is to look at similar films.

    and when you ask a line producer to budget your project, they sometimes charge differently depending on the final budget.

    So, we might be tempted to look at old films, to come up with budget numbers.

    Napoleon Dynamite, Monsters, those are about a decade old already. Blair Witch even older. A lot of people use zombie films.

    Sorry for starting a new thread here, but when I tried to answer your thread, you jumped on me.

    Anyway, if you don't like a thread, simply ignore it, and it will fall to the bottom of the pile.

    8 months ago