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What are your favourite movie posters?

Looking to cover the tired walls of a new (old) flat with some awesome movie artwork. My flatmate and I started putting a list of our favourtes together and thought it would be interesting to see what yours are.

  • My current fave is the one I just did for my film (of course)

    12 months ago
  • I should have mentioned that my poster is pay-per-view on that link I posted above. £5 per peek. £10 per savouring look. I should also, in all honestly, point out that the poster is better than the film.

    12 months ago
  • Would Shooters please stop posting film fluff discussion/topics. Sorry to have to moderate but Shooting People is getting a bit like Facebook where so many annoying fluff pieces inundate the forum to the point where working professionals ignore point coming in on the feed as they dilute ones interest to the point of tedium. Please let's just focus on informative discussion because. I'm sorry to need to have to say this and apologies sincerely to the poster if they feel offended in anyway but if you want to start a lightweight discussion like this please do it on Facebook, your website, your Blog etc,.
    Regards Ray

    12 months ago
  • Great topic Ben.

    I love the old East European poster (Polish?) for the original Planet of the Apes. It's kind of surreal, looks almost like an abstract painting. Pre-1970 horror and sci-fi posters were enormously creative.

    Bollywood posters, pre-digital age, were awesome too. I forget the film, but there's one with bloodshot eyes of a middle aged man popping out.

    Post-1970, I'd have to say Star Wars, A New Hope. And, though Pulp Fiction is not my kind of film, I think it has probably one of the best posters that was created in my lifetime.

    12 months ago