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CATHY live stream

Wed 18 Jan 2017 19:45 - 22:15

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Michael Chandler
Venue: Online

The unique interactive live-streaming of ‘CATHY’ NEXT WEDNESDAY 18th JANUARY, starting at 7.45pm – where the online audience can get involved, join the debate and change the outcome on stage.

- Watch live online, wherever you are.
- Get involved in the national live debate through online forum & #CathyLive on Twitter.
- Change the outcomes for Cathy on stage.
- Suggest your own homeless legislation - the 'Cathy Laws’ - in a unique national consultation about homelessness
- We will also be captioning the stream live so hard of hearing audiences or anyone else who would benefit from captions can watch. Just turn on the captions by clicking the ‘CC’ (Closed captioning) option on the YouTube video.

The play:
A modern-day retelling of the classic Cathy Come Home, CATHY is Cardboard Citizens’ critically acclaimed nationally sold out play. Cardboard Citizens is the internationally renowned homeless theatre company, celebrating our 25th anniversary this year.

The interactive live streaming:
Being broadcast with a live theatre audience, online viewers will be able to share their thoughts via #CathyLive and through the online forum that will appear next to the video. The online viewers will be able to debate the issues and suggest ideas for interventions, many of which will be acted out on stage – and, as we have with all audiences to date, we’ll also be asking the online audience for their suggestions for their own ‘Cathy Laws’ - changes to legislation they think would improve things for the Cathys of our time. As a unique national consultation, these laws will be being collated and shared with our homeless sector partners to feed into national campaigning and policy ideas.

We're working with a number of homeless organisations across the U.K. to facilitate screenings at hostels and day centres, ensuring online audiences with their own experiences of homelessness will be feeding in their comments and ideas.

The show can be watched here, along with the forum box:

To watch, either:
watch on your laptops or mobile phones at the link above
If you have a smart TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire or equivalent, watch via Youtube here:
link from a laptop to a TV via a HDMI cable
link up to a projector through a laptop (this can be done in hostels and other venues wanting to screen the event)

To get involved, people can either:
- head to Twitter and join the conversation through the hashtag #CathyLive
- head to the URL above and get involved via the forum box that will open on the night

To host it on your website, embed the following link: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Or to host it on your Facebook page, use the Youtube link:

It would be great if you could share the live streaming event via your website, social media and networks. We would greatly appreciate it if you could sign up to our Thunderclap campaign to automatically tweet a link to the live stream on 18th January at the start time – it takes two minutes and you can sign up here

Please do forward onto anyone else you think may be interested, and do please let us know if you intend to screen the event.