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Shooting People
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LIAF 2017: Fine Film – Painting on Moving Canvas (a talk by Noel Palazzo & Ana Santos organisers of the Punto Y Raya Festival, Barcelona)

Fri 08 Dec 2017 19:00 - 21:00

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Entry is £5-£7.
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Nag Vladermersky

This talk explores the relationship between Fine Arts and Cinema, discussing the use of various traditional techniques applied to mass media formats, as well as digital techniques devised to convey the feel of hand drawn and painted animation.

Based in Barcelona but screening all around the world, The Punto Y Raya Festival has been called “the most abstract festival in the world’ with its explorations into experimental narrative in animation and live cinema through the use of pure form, colour, motion and sound. Since its first festival in 2007, Punto Y Raya’s aim has been to bring together people from all over the world with their motto’s “ Back to basics!” and “ Only via dots and lines!”