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A TOUCH OF NOIR - A Selection of Neo-noir Short Films

Mon 18 Feb 2019 19:30 - 23:00

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Entry is £7.
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Shorts On Tap

Shorts On Tap presents: A TOUCH OF NOIR - A Selection of Neo-noir Short Films, on Monday, February 18th at Regent Street Cinema, London W1B 2HW (Oxford Circus tube) from 7:30pm (screening starts 8pm)

Shorts On Tap is celebrating its 5th Birthday with a top-notch selection of Neo-noir short films at our favourite movie house in London: Regent Street Cinema.
A Touch of Noir is a shadowy, dimly lit programme of dark stories, mysterious characters and dangerous situations...a tribute to Film Noir.
On the occasion we'll be screening Shorts On Tap's own production, supported by our fantastic community: Rain Catcher.
Come celebrate 5 amazing years of screenings on February 18th!
Screening followed by Q&A with attending filmmakers and special guests.

Shorts On Tap is back at the iconic Regent Street Cinema for the third time.
The Regent Street Cinema was first opened in 1848. In late February in 1896, the cinema played a short movie by the Lumière Brothers. It was the first motion picture shown in the United Kingdom.


RAIN CATCHER (16:00") UK, 2018
directed by Michele Fiascaris, written by Filippo Polesel & Michele Fiascaris, produced by Filippo Polesel
Rain Catcher is a noir psychological thriller about a young photographer haunted by a mysterious man appearing in his pictures.

IDOL (08:33") Germany, 2018
directed by Luisa Taraz, written by Luisa Taraz & Manuel Richard Weber, produced by Manuel Richard Weber & Jurgen Nerger
The artist Loudo should have submitted a commissioned work some time ago, but he is in a blockade. When he finally - inspired by his muse - creates a masterpiece, his manager and his muse get into a violent argument over the sale of the work. Only too late Loudo realizes what role he was playing in all this.

ESTHER (10:30") USA, 2018
written and directed by Montana Mann, produced by Emily Vere Nicoll, Hannah James, Montana Mann & Andre James Champagne
A husband plots to kill his wife with his mistress, but their plans take a turn when unsettling mysterious events occur that night.

ARE YOU WILD LIKE ME? (10:07") USA, 2017
written and directed by William Nawrocki, produced by William Nawrocki, Kaisania Calubaquib & Sheri Mathieu
An infant girl disappears during a family camping trip in the New England woods, only to reappear 9 years later- and she may have something to do with the missing people from a nearby town.

written and directed by Miguel Faus, produced by Nathalie Lamprecht & Miguel Faus
London, 1968. Alphonse, a young and ambitious filmmaker, attempts to complete his greatest cinematic work yet, "The Death of Don Quixote". But with his ageing star, Patrick Quincey, falling ill, it's unclear what will die first: his vision, Patrick or Don Quixote.
WINNER: Meliès d'Argent - Best Short Film
Official Selection at the 51st Sitges International Film Festival

A DOLL DISTORTED (15:42") UK, 2018
written, directed and produced by Niall Shukla
Jane, a painfully shy woman, suffering from haphephobia (the pathological fear of touch), sits in the dark at night, haunted by memories and regret. In an attempt to connect with someone, she orders a Doll she discovered online. But the Doll develops a dangerous life of its own. As Jane escalates deeper into her tormenting isolation, the line between the supernatural and madness begins to blur.

FLOOR 9.5 (02:11") UK, 2017
written by Simon Allen, directed by Toby Meakins, produced by Matt Wilkinson
A short Kafkaesque HORROR
2018 CANNES LION Winner
BEST of BEST Brand Film Festival 2018

Shorts On Tap is London's largest short film community, join the tribe on February 18th.


Doors open at 7:30pm
Film screenings start at 8pm
Show ends approximately at 10:30pm
Drinks till 11pm

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