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Directing Masterclass @ The Groucho Club - Two Tickets Remaining

Sat 19 Oct 2019 10:00 - 17:00

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Entry is £120.
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No Trace

A fast-track guide to all the steps of filmmaking applicable to film, tv, commercials and social media, includes how to become a director.

About this Event

This one-day intensive filmmakers workshop will cover all the key stages into making a film, tv, commercials and online content.

The course will be limited to 18 spaces. Please note the previous event was sold out.

On completion you will have all the tools to go make your next project whatever the size and budget.


The course will cover the 3 key stages of making content and a practical section on how to become a director:-


How to interpret a script, creative or brief.
Shot list, blocking, storyboarding and director's treatment.
Scheduling, budgeting and location research.
Casting and crewing.

The Shoot:-

Rehearsing, directing actors and collaborating with your crew.
How to maximise your shooting days.


The essentials of editing.
Music copyright, research and licensing.
Sound design and VFX. ADR and voiceover.
Colour grade.

How to become a director:-

The skills and expertise required.
Where to start.
Which genre is right for me.


This is for any aspiring filmmaker, producer, director, writer, editor or anyone interested in learning about the mechanics of making a film and content.

The workshop is designed to reflect a constantly changing, dynamic industry to ensure that you are fully prepared as you take your next steps into your media career.


The course is run by No Trace a film production and training company. No Trace is a collective of highly skilled and experienced producers, directors and technicians.

No Trace firmly believes in encouraging, engaging and educating content makers from all backgrounds and that there should be no barriers to a career in film and tv production.

All our courses are run by speakers who are actively working in the top end of their particular industry allowing for the most up-to-date practices and techniques.

The courses will be significantly subsidised to allow people from all backgrounds to attend.
To find out more


An experienced filmmaker with over 20 years of experience in the TV and advertising industry will provide you with the insider knowledge you need to be a successful director.

The filmmaker begin his career at the BBC working at BBC Sport and BBC Events before moving into the creative world of advertising, directing commercials and online content for social media channels.

Recently he has directed drama for the CBBC and had a sitcom optioned by a leading production company. He also has writing credits for BBC 2 and Radio 4.

Please find a link to his website