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Shooting People
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LIAF 2020: Opening Night Gala featuring Female Figures – Growing Up + pre-recorded Screentalk ONLINE

Fri 27 Nov 2020 17:55 - 19:50

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Entry is £6.
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Nag Vladermersky

In this most unusual of years we are extremely proud to be able to screen this very special opening event at LIAF 2020, curated by Abigail Addison.

As an antidote to all that is happening around us, Female Figures 2020 ‘Growing Up’ considers coming of age stories, memories and experiences.

In these animations, reflections on childish fantasies and problematic relationships with friends and family are revisited; where young people on the threshold of adulthood grow aware of its challenges and temptations. We witness young people navigating societal norms and gender stereotypes with a growing self-awareness and a desire to resist tradition. Mothers reflect on their own experiences through witnessing their daughters lives and daughters interrogate their mothers to examine their own drives and choices.