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Watching Marwen with its PA in Vancouver

Mon 14 Jun 2021 02:00 - 05:00

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Entry is 10.
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This is an event where you watch Marwen (directed by Robert Zemeckis) with its PA in Vancouver and listen to my interview and ask her questions.

Q:Who is this for?
A:Any who is interested in working in Vancouver film industry.
A*Any who wants to make a connection in Vancouver.

Q:Why is it this time?
A:It is because of the time difference. Any who has difficulties in joining us due to the time difference, I can take your question and ask her for you with $10 as a fee.

Q:What do I do in the event?
A:You watch "welcome to Marwen" with us. (Prepare its copy of DVD)
A:I will ask some questions to her related to the movie and working in the film.
A:I will make some time for participants to ask her a question. (I am going to ask you to prepare one)

Q:I want to know more about the event.
A:Feel free to contact me with e-mail below.