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LIAF 2021: The Wondrous Realities of Andrew and Eden Kötting + Screentalk

Sat 27 Nov 2021 18:00 - 20:00

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Entry is £12.
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Nag Vladermersky

Andrew and Eden live and work between Hastings and the French Pyrenees. Eden is Andrew’s daughter and was born in 1988 with Jouberts Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. She grew up in London and developed a keen interest in drawing and painting and her visual impairment influences the way she sees the world. She has been working alongside Andrew all her life and the fantastical body of work they have created together voyages us to all kinds of wondrously observed and vividly imagined realities.

“E is for… Experimental moving image ideas – i.e. technological, expanded, performative, theatrical, sculptural, structural, formal, participatory – and the opening up of possibilities.
E is for… Eden. From the garden and back again … and the fact of Eden and the unique insights she has brought to my life and the work that we have made that has led me to explore very different AREAS.
Eden, as daughter, agent, collaborator and catalyst. Eden as a moral compass offering thresholds for ventures into the very core of consciousness and perception. Journeys into the unknown. Without her I am lost.”
Andrew Kötting, 2016

Andrew and Eden will be live and onstage with Glenn Whiting and Gareth Evans after this screening to talk about their remarkable body of work.