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Shooting People
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LIAF 2021: Marvellous Animations for 8-14 Year-Olds

Sun 28 Nov 2021 14:00 - 15:30

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Entry is £7.
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Nag Vladermersky

These 11 films from 10 different countries have been chosen especially for children aged 8 and upwards and include themes such as otherness, friendship and tolerance. They are films for the young but also the young at heart with several laugh-out-loud moments alongside tales that tug at the heart-strings.

Here you will meet charismatic characters such as Rec the dictaphone robot, Helmut the weightless boy and Kiko the animal-bully whose hopes, dreams, fears and transformations are brought to life in a series of stunning visuals showing that animation is the best tool to transform the everyday into the magical.

We are sold out at the Barbican but you can watch this programme online at