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Benchmarks mental health Film premiere

Sun 02 Oct 2022 11:00 - 12:00

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Will Grave

What would say to your younger self? Fundraising for CALM & the OLLIE Foundation, this award winning mental health short stars Bhasker Patel.

Early in the pandemic a mental health charity wrote on their Twitter feed your older self will thank you for sticking around. This thought became the seed for Benchmarks, a short film about a 30 something man who has a conversation with his 10 year old self. He hasn't met his younger self's expectations and is in a hole. But, things take a turn when his 70 year old self arrives. I was fortunate to bring on fantastic up and coming acting talent in Avi Kruijt and Omar Hashmi, but also Emmerdale's Bhasker Patel who also came on board as a passion project. The film went on to win best short short at the London Independent Film festival, and now it is time for its public release.

But, instead of just a film screening with a traditional Q&A at the Curzon Cinema in Victoria (screen 2), I wanted the premiere to be something that audience members can genuinely learn from when it comes to the subject of mental health and suicide intervention, which is why we have wonderful speakers too from the OLLIE Foundation and Time to Talk where we will learn about mental health first aid and much more.

The film will make you laugh, might even make you cry, and I hope the talks will also open up our minds too. I have covered the venue costs, so that proceeds from the tickets will be going to mental health charity CALM and the OLLIE Foundation who do amazing work on mental health and suicide prevention. Please donate what you feel you can afford but a good guide is how much you would usually pay to go to the cinema.

I look forward to meeting you in person.

-- William Grave --

The Director & Writer