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Shooting People
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LMFF: Short films: Femininity and migration

Sat 26 Nov 2022 15:00 - 16:30

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Entry is £5.
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Lily Parrott

They’re Playing My Song: Josephine (dir: Thom Andrewes, Catherine Carter, Miriam Sherwood, Will Gardner) Josephine goes through her eclectic taste in music, before sharing the story of one song that is important to her, So Ala Temen by Rex Lawson, as it reminds her of the stories her grandad would tell the children in her village in Nigeria, and of the Biafra-Nigerian war.

The Sparrow Is Free (dir: Niki Kohandel) Through a window into the life of the filmmaker's grandmother, we explore gender roles in early 20th-century Iran. As a young girl, marriage to her older cousin leads to years of control and frustration. Rebelling against her husband, she moves to France with her sons, building a new life.

The Curtain (dir: Kateryna Pavlyuk) Thirty years after the fall of the Soviet Union, three generations of Ukrainian women relay their memories, variously sharp and hazy, of three distinct eras.

Those Names (dir: Ines Saidi) Laura, in her thirties, in discussion with her therapist, tells her about a recent argument with her husband Karim on the choice of their future children’s first names.

Ancora Non Lo So (dir: Maaria Sayed) In a small town a group of teenagers make plans for holidays at the seaside. But even after her father's death Fatema hasn't managed to embrace life as an Italian. The arrival of a new immigrant family increases her discomfort, as she is forced to face a part of herself she's been hiding from.

Violeta & Sofia (dir: Alejandra Rogghe Pérez, Noah Isa Berhitu) Three different continents meet when two women find comfort with each other through the memory of their grandmothers. What do we bring with us and what do we leave behind?

This Is Forever (Dir: Susy Pena) With dreams of being the best ancestor she can be for her teenage son, an Indigenous Bolivian single mother applies for a Visa to remain in the U.K. while embarking on a journey of healing the wounds of her past.

Forgotten in Exile – Conchis (dir: Sarah Bougsiaa, Sinai Stengel) The Venezuelan exodus forced Conchis to leave behind her beloved hometown, Barquisimeto with an arrival of uncertainty in Barcelona, where strives to create a family business that offers homemade arepas on delivery.