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Shooting People
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LMFF; Interactive Panel Discussion: On Solidarity and Dissent

Sun 27 Nov 2022 13:00 - 14:30

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Entry is £5.
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Lily Parrott

Most people - migrants and non-migrants alike - want similar things: a comfortable and dignified life, human rights and worker's rights for all, to be 'heard' by the political system, strong public services, safety & peace.

But people are angry and everyone wants someone to blame: Brexit, Covid, the cost of living crisis, climate emergency, growing inequality. Within this context, refugees and other people on the move have been turned into scapegoats - in a classic 'divide and conquer' tactic where power is maintained by sewing division.

To counter this, we need a radical solidarity: one that recognises and actively resists the 'divide and conquer' tactics.

But what could this solidarity look like? How can we meaningfully dissent to the current political treatment of migration and resist the dehumanising rhetoric about migration that seeks to divide us? How can we highlight the similarities between people of differing beliefs? What can we do that actually makes a difference?

Join us for an interactive panel discussion with activists, experts by experience, and more to think about how we can bring people together, what meaningful solidarity looks like, and how we can resist!