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Shooting People
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LMFF: Borom Taxi

Tue 29 Nov 2022 19:00 - 21:00

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Entry is £5.
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Lily Parrott

Mountakha is a Senegalese man and a newcomer in Buenos Aires. In Dakar he used to work as a truck driver and he tries to get that job in this new city as well. While working as a street vendor in the meantime, he wonders if his destiny might be related to acting, as some of his new friends have a special bond with cinema.

A tone poem of a film that explores a city hidden within a city. Through meditative songs and sounds we unpeel the layers of Mountakha’s life as he grapples with work, being undocumented, maintaining connection with a family so far away, and the warmth of home versus the joys of the life he has found in Argentina.

Dir: Andrés Guerberoff; Length: 1hr 1

Screened alongside short film: Traana (Temporary Migrant) (A film by Raphaël Grisey, Kàddu Yaraax, Bouba Touré)