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Filmmaking 101: Making Your Film Cinematic

Sat 28 Jan 2023 10:30 - 14:30

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Isabelle Croissant

How do you make your film feel like a piece of cinema, rather than something that has just been filmed? How do you make every frame count when you have a great story to tell on film?

Join Director Dan Thorburn and Director of Photography Max Graham as they go through the best way to make your film pop on screen visually.

Using practical examples from their long-standing collaboration, Dan & Max will talk through working on no-budget and low-budget, where to put your money, what cinematic means and how to achieve it (its not always fancy kit!), how to collaborate with a DOP and how that relationship starts and thrives over time.

This workshop will be mainly conversational and include some practical group work and conversations (there will be no playing around with lights and camera).

Themes covered include:

- Understanding film language and thinking about what the best shot is to tell your story, no matter what tech you have to play with
- Thinking about how the use of different styles translates to an audience and the right choice of shots can cause a greater emotional response.
- The importance of location, production design and the all-important lighting (again, it’s not all about fancy kit and money!)
- The director – DOP relationship, how to work together as a creative collaboration, how to find someone who shares your vision and how this collaboration works in practical, day to day terms.
- How to best use your money, whatever your budget is.