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Shooting People
April’s Judge is

Jenny Gage

Jenny Gage is a photographer and filmmaker whose directorial debut, hybrid documentary All This Panic, has been attracting much praise. Hoping to capture a glimpse into the life of the Brooklyn teenager, Gage and her crew followed seven adolescent girls for a period of three years, filming and documenting their experiences at a crucial juncture between teen and adulthood. Gage, who works with her partner Tom Betterton on film and photography projects, has also created editorial for Vogue, W Magazine and Vanity Fair, amongst others, and advertising campaigns for Ralph Lauren, JC Penny, Estée Lauder and more. Filmed in the style of a narrative feature, Gage's documentary gives the audience an intimate look into the 'coming-of-age' of these young women. All This Panic is currently in cinemas across the UK.