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Looking to work with actors?

Congratulations to the actor shortlist for New Shoots: Actors.

You can get in touch with any of these actors directly, or search the members directory to find other actors you might like to work with. The winning actors will be announced in SP’s bulletins, newsletter and next New Shoots event.

Wolf Newton WINNER

Which Director would you most like to work with (alive or not), and why?

I’ve been watching lots of Hitchcock recently. He’s got a bad reputation for the way he treated his actors, but the performances he drew out from them is so real and raw, he was always pushing for authentic emotion. I would love to work with a director who could do that. I want to be pushed to extremes, and really live, sweat and breathe my characters. He also completely believed in people. Working with performers who weren’t always known names at the time. He knew that if he believed in them, they’d believe in themselves and their performance would be extraordinary. I know I would go on the most incredible and challenging transformation in my acting, working with a director who had that kind of clear vision, and complete faith in their work.  

Shing Chung RUNNER UP

Which Director would you most like to work with (alive or not), and why? 

Wong Kar-wai. He is known for often drafting up the script on the day of the shooting, and deciding on the plot while in production. There is also an intense focus on his actors and actresses, which you can see in the set photos from In the Mood for Love. I am passionate about the collaborative process and he typifies what a collaborative director can be. His work is also simply phenomenal! In the Mood for Love and Happy Together are two of my favorite works from him. The sensibility of each character in these films and how the central characters connect with each other are fascinating to watch.

Chloe Wade RUNNER UP

What has helped you in the past, and might help other actors?

If you are emerging  in any sense of the word, you have to fight for your right to be an artist. I'd encourage you to create your own work, especially if it's political, because due to the cuts happening within the arts sector your very existence in this is industry is political. There is power in being politically engaged, and creative activism. Most people become actors to give a voice to those that don't necessarily have a voice, so be a visionary thinker; someone who shapes how we make work, and also, who we make work with and for.

Rayanna Dibs

Which Director would you most like to work with (alive or not), and why?

Too many to mention, but Kathryn Bigelow is a big hit with me, specifically as I wish I had been in Point Break. I think she takes risks and has produced the kind of movies I love to see on the big screen. I also think David Fincher and Danny Boyle are geniuses, and had the pleasure of working with Danny briefly. From what I’ve heard, they push you as an actor and demand the best. Mike Leigh would also be a dream, purely from a creative standpoint, as the freedom to improv would be an interesting challenge and he’s a real actors director. And definitely Tarantino, but to be honest he would also scare me to bits. 

Ewa Dina

What has helped you in the past, and might help other actors?

Work on being your authentic self, and the right tribe will find you. There’s a lot information out there, about who you should be, or what you should do to succeed. But trust your voice and you’ll end up exactly where you’re supposed to. 

Vicki Helyar

Which Director would you most like to work with (alive or not), and why?

Ida Lupino. Lupino was a female film director who started her directing career in the 1940's and made what was considered the first ever female helmed film noir The Hitch-Hiker. I've owned The Hitch-Hiker on DVD for many years, a film which though flawed, I adore for various reasons. I am very much drawn to films that hone in on a small pool of strong characters in intimate circumstances. The film is set in a handful of locations, that revolve around three main characters. It's intended to thrill, all the while reflecting reality (it's based on true story). It features bold performances and has such assured direction. What a dream it would've been to have played not only a fleshed out character in a performance heavy film, but one that's also a dark murderous thriller, directed by a bold female director in the 50's. If only a woman could've been in it as well. 

Gabin Kongolo

Which Director would you most like to work with (alive or not), and why?

I would love to work with Steve McQueen. Steve's visual art and storytelling is something that I have enjoyed and also feel is very powerful. From 12 Years A Slave, Widows, and of course Small Axe, seeing Steve put black talent and especially up coming black talent at the forefront of his work is something that inspires me to work harder, should the opportunity arise. 

Eyiara Olugunna

What has helped you in the past, and might help other actors?

Keep learning about yourself as a human. All the different facets there are to you.  Your wild side, your cheeky side, the parts of you that you tuck away because you don’t want to share them with the world - because maybe it’s messy, maybe it’s raw. Lean into that! This is what I’m learning,  and which I find is helping me grow as an actor.

Warren Rusher

What has helped you in the past, and might help other actors?

Make sure you have interests/hobbies in your life, outside of acting, to protect your mental health and continually grow you as a person. 


Kal Sabir

Which Director would you most like to work with (alive or not), and why?

Christopher Nolan. I've been a follower of his work ever since he saved the Caped Crusader from the endless reaches of the franchise abyss. Batman Begins is a far cry from its garish predecessor Batman & Robin. Dark, gritty, heightened reality, coupled with exceptional performances (bar one.. but it's more of a miscasting, so we won't go into that). Batman Begins asked the question: 'What would disturb a child so much, that they would grow up to wear a bat costume to fight crime?'. I'm interested in the psychological. What are the thoughts behind the actions, what are the twists and turns. Christopher Nolan's work delivers on those fronts with his distinctive style. It would be a gift to work with him. 

Sophia Sinclair

Which Director would you most like to work with (alive or not), and why?

Melina Matsoukas is a huge inspiration, and I love her work. She works with current topics and trends whilst infusing it with historical references. She uplifts untold stories of the Global majority and Black community and has gone from directing music videos (with her signature lighting and subtle references), to incredible groundbreaking films such as Queen and Slim & Issa Rae's TV Series Insecure. This is a woman who used a police car sinking into 'flood waters' to resemble Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Whilst Melina empowers women, she also normalises otherness which is a refreshing and beautiful change. 

Arnold Voysey

Which Director would you most like to work with (alive or not), and why?

I would absolutely love to have the opportunity to work with Danny Boyle, as he truly values the truth, energy, and originality that an actor can bring to their role, and his vision (working collaboratively with the cast and crew), to make sure that every shot is as creative and emotional as possible. Always being in service of the story. I had the incredible opportunity of being one of the volunteer actors in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, directed by him, and one day he was kind enough to offer to meet with all of the actors during a rehearsal. I asked Danny Boyle for his advice on how to work in the film, television and theatre industry, and he took the time to really explain in detail to me how PERSISTENCE is the key. That you should never lose faith in yourself (even when you fail), and that you should work on always improving your craft.