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The Free Debate

Piracy... Bit Torrent... Tip jars... You Tube... seemingly anything you want to watch you now can, for free. Alarm bells sound, and questions rage. How will artists make money? Why are content owners punishing those who want to consume what they've made? Is this disrespectful of Intellectual Property? Is IP at all relevant any more in this resonantly digital, collaborative age? What lessons is Hollywood learning from music industry? What is a fair price for a short film, a feature, a DVD, a download? Should they have a price?

This debate has named the economy surrounding content 'Free', and is being slugged out by two heavyweights. All For Free is Chris Anderson, Editor of 'Wired' magazine, author of 'The Long Tail' and now 'Free'. And in the red corner is Malcolm Gladwell, author of 'Tipped', 'Blink', and a strong rebuttal of Anderson's arguments, published recently in the New Yorker.

We want to know what you - as a member of the world's biggest network of independent filmmakers - think: how this pans out is, after all, very much your business.

First, read a summary of Anderson's book, here.

Then read Gladwell's rebuttal, here.

Then answer the question below, and leave a comment. We'll write to Messrs Anderson and Gladwell, letting them know about this poll. And then we'll close it in September, and publish the results.

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