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Shooting People
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Oscars 2013

Enter your vote into our annual Shooting People Oscars Poll, for the chance to win $100 if you can guess the winner for each category. The three rules you need to know are 1) To win you must get all the categories winners right 2) If more than one person guesses correctly, the cash gets shared between you 3) If only one person guesses right, they win the full $100. All votes must be entered by 24th of February 2013 at 12:00am(GMT). Good Luck!

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Best Picture

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Best Documentary (Feature)

Best Foreign Film

Best Original Screenplay

Best Directing


Josh Dean says...
Come on Spielberg!

Andrew Wasyliw says...
Most likely outcome. Well, 'Amour' looks like the favourite to win best foreign language, but 'A Royal Affair' is the better film so I'll take a risk on that one!

Tom Whelehan says...
I've chosen those whom the academy will vote for.
Now, as for who should actually win:
Best Pic: Amour
Best Actor:none of those guys on the list
Best Actress: see above
Best DIrector: Michael Haneke

Graham Bradshaw says...
This is NOT my opinion I hasten to add

Ben Garfield says...
Tricky! No stand-out favourites in best film when you consider Affleck isn't nominated for best directing

Brendan O'Neill says...
Best Cinematography - Seamus McGarvey hopefully