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Shooting People
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Location Manager

Rate of pay
Expenses Only:
This project was a Challenge Alexa winner, which means we will have a fabulous camera package (Alexa LF mini and Signature Prime lenses) We have other perks as well, from insurance to grip and lighting gear to a highly-regarded post production facility, which will all help us make a top quality film. It will screen as part of the Challenge Alexa showcase at the Vue in Leicester Square on April 30. What we don't have is cash, and that means we have to do this, reluctantly, as expenses only. If we can raise a bigger budget, we'll go from expenses to low-paid, but in all honesty that may not happen. I hate asking people to work for expenses, but it's that or no film at all. And we do have every reason to believe this film will go far on the festival circuit and give you a decent credit on a recognised film. Winning Challenge Alexa is a great start. I know it's a big ask, expecting anyone to work for expenses. I know a good crew is worth more than expenses. But I'll treat you and your talent with utmost respect, I'll feed you well, pay promptly for all expenses, and we’ll have some fun making a film we can all be proud of.

The production is made for a charity or community project or is self-funded.

The production company is not a TV or Corporate commission/ Low budget/ Made by a production company with less than £1m turnover per year.

All cast/crew on the production will be offered:
  • Expense agreements for all personal costs.
  • Appropriate credits whenever they are listed.
  • and a copy of the film for showreel purposes.
Shooting in
Great Britain, South West

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