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1. What do each of the nav items mean?
2. What's the difference between a Directory Listing and a Bulletin post?
3. When choosing a bulletin post date, why are some dates not available?

What do each of the nav items do?

Home – this is your personal Directory home page. It always shows your recent activity.

Search Directory – you can search the Directory for courses posted by other organisations, as well as your own listings.

Add a listing – you can add new course listings to the Directory here. You need to have an active organisation profile before you can add listings.

Active listings – this shows the full text of all your current listings in the Directory.

Old listings – you can edit and reuse old Directory listings. These are stored until you delete them.

Edit organisation – create your organisational profile if you are new to the Directory, or edit an existing profile.

Post to the bulletins – submit a posting to the email bulletins which are sent to Shooting People members.

What's the difference between a Directory Listing and a Bulletin post?

What is a Directory listing? The Shooting People Training Directory is an online resource. The Directory is searchable by anyone looking for courses and training – including the thousands of members on Shooting People. As an organisational member of Shooting People, you can add details of courses and training at any time. Your listing appears in the Directory as soon as you have submitted it. You can chose to run your listing for a specific period, or leave it open-ended.

What is a bulletin post? Shooting People’s members subscribe to a range of specialist email bulletins, including Filmmakers, Screenwriters, and Documentary. You can chose which bulletin to post to, and the date on which you want to your posting to be included. Filmmakers’ bulletin goes out seven days a week, other bulletins only on specific days of the week. The bulletins are ideal for posting about last minute vacancies on your courses, and you can add current course listings from the Directory to a bulletin post with a single click. Bulletin postings are moderated by an editor. On your Directory home page, you’ll be able to see confirmation when your posting has been accepted and sent out.

When choosing a bulletin post date, why are some dates not available?

The bulletins have different publication days and the calendar will show you all the available dates for the bulletin once you’ve selected it. If you can’t select the next available date, it’s because the deadline for publication has passed – this is 5pm the day before publication. Please note that your posts are moderated Mon - Fri, so if you would like your post to be included in a Monday bulletin, you must post it by 5pm on the Friday before. No posts go out on a Sunday. Mid-week posts receive the best response from the community, and are more in-keeping with the regular service. If you have any queries about this, please email

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