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London Creative Festivals

London Creative Festivals

Ealing Studios   W5 5EP
Tel: +44 7977 516 628

Educate, Inspire and Connect.

London Creative Festivals run training events for filmmakers and screenwriters. Headed up by Chris Jones of Guerilla Filmmmakers Handbooks, the events are designed to get you into action RIGHT NOW... Blending cutting edge knowledge and experience, with networking and kick ass inspiration, you will leave our events ready to take on the world. Promise.

Events include... The London Screenwriters Festival The Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass The London Breakfast Club

Among many more. Join our newsgroup here...

  • LSF Incubate: John Yorke... Create a TV Show in a Day (July 11th 2020)

    london, W5 5EP
    Course start date: 11th Jul 2020

    Spend a day with John, workshopping story ideas and refining the process with greater depth as you create a brand new TV show.

    Just you, John and s
  • Advanced Structure with John Yorke

    london, W5 5EP
    Course start date: 27th Jun 2020

    Advanced Structure with John Yorke
    From Procedural to Longform, terrestrial to Netflix and beyond…
    Two-day screenwriting masterclass and workshop<
  • LSF Incubate: Writing With Greater Depth and Authenticity with Karol Griffiths (May 9th)

    london, W5 5EP
    Course start date: 9th May 2020

    Are your great ideas often held back by writing that can often feel uninspired, lacking depth, truth and brevity when it hits the page? Is there room to take yo
  • Master Character-Driven Screenwriting and Storytelling with Scott Myers (April 20th 2020)

    london, NW1 4NS
    Course start date: 20th Apr 2020

    Of all the characters in a story, there is one which rises above the others, whose importance is such that it demands a writer’s immediate and sustained atten
  • Pitching and Writing for the Big Players in LA (April 16th 2020)

    london, NW1 4NS
    Course start date: 16th Apr 2020

    Make no mistake, every year, hundreds of British and European screenwriters get repped in LA. Without ANY doubt, it’s the biggest and most dynamic market on E
  • Pitching Thursday at LondonSWF (April 16th 2020)

    london, NW1 4NS
    Course start date: 16th Apr 2020

    You can’t sell your project until you’ve convinced someone to read it. How do you convince someone to read it? By pitching it to them!

  • London Networking Workshop for Screenwriters and Filmmakers

    london, NW1 4NS
    Course start date: 14th Apr 2020

    How do we increase, and I mean MASSIVELY increase the opportunities?

    It’s said that success lies at the crossroads between experience and opport
  • The London Screenwriters’ Festival 2020

    london, NW1 4NS
    The London Screenwriters...
    Course start date: 17th Apr 2020

    The London Screenwriters’ Festival is an annual three day conference for screenwriters.

    In 2020, the LSF will be held at Regent's University
  • Breaking Into Script Reading, 2 day workshop with Lucy V

    W5 5EP
    Breaking Into Script Read...
    Course start date: 7th Nov 2020

    Breaking Into Script Reading, 2 day workshop with Lucy V Hay (Sat 7th and Sun 8th of November 2020 £99 with code SHOOTERS)

    An intensive two-day wo
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