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London Creative Festivals

London Creative Festivals

Ealing Studios   W5 5EP
Tel: +44 7977 516 628

Educate, Inspire and Connect.

London Creative Festivals run training events for filmmakers and screenwriters. Headed up by Chris Jones of Guerilla Filmmmakers Handbooks, the events are designed to get you into action RIGHT NOW... Blending cutting edge knowledge and experience, with networking and kick ass inspiration, you will leave our events ready to take on the world. Promise.

Events include... The London Screenwriters Festival The Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass The London Breakfast Club

Among many more. Join our newsgroup here...

  • Advanced Screenwriting Fundamentals

    london, W5 5EP
    Course start date: 19th Oct 2019

    There’s literally THOUSANDS of screenplays out there in limbo that could go somewhere … if they were simply WRITTEN BETTER!

    The Craft: Advanced
  • London Indie Film Distribution Summit 2019

    london, W5 5EP
    Course start date: 26th Oct 2019

    There has never been a better time to be a filmmaker... and yet it's never been harder to get eyeballs on films, audiences in seats and cash flowing back f
  • Screenwriters Accelerate From LondonSWF... Two Day Festival

    london, NW1 4NS
    Course start date: 2nd Nov 2019

    Introducing LSFAccelerate... A two day mini London Screenwriters' Festival and Picthfest in November

    ...what makes screenplays work, stories
  • Advanced Structure with John Yorke... Want to write longform for Netflix, Amazon, Ch4, BBC...?

    london, W5 5EP
    Course start date: 30th Nov 2019

    Want to write longform for Netflix, Amazon, Ch4, BBC... From Procedural to Longform, terrestrial to Netflix and beyond… Two day screenwriting masterclass and
  • Advanced Screenwriting Technicques with Linda Aronson

    Course start date: 5th Oct 2019

    Have You Got A Great Story That Just Won’t Work In The Traditional Three Act Structure?

    Audiences are crying out for sophisticated stories, hence
  • The Guerilla Filmmakers Masterclass 2019

    london, W5 5EP
    Course start date: 9th Nov 2019

    2 Day Masterclass... You have everything you NEED to make your film now...

    You have what you NEED and when you shift a gear and embrace that, peop
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