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Shooting People
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The Core

The Core

19 Pensford Avenue, Richmond, Surrey   TW9 4HR
Tel: 07932827580

We run workshops on different aspects of acting technique, including improvisation, screen acting technique and audition preparation.

We are not tied to any single acting system, we do what works for the individual actor. We are not without principles though! The routes taken may be different, the destination, however, is always the same. We are totally committed to ultimate acting.

What is it ultimate acting? It’s the combination of total psychological truth with a theatrical vitality that elevates that truth from a replication of mundane reality to a riveting and moving performance.

We believe in the empowerment of the actor and the means to that empowerment is to tap into the actors ability to generate their own text through improvisation and to make their own recordings of their performance of their material. In the digital age actors can be film-makers too.

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