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Shooting People
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Aquarius' Mule

Running Time:
11 min 30 s

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Ben Rider

About this film

Two drug addicts face the consequences of their drug abuse as they come crashing down from being high.
Starring Maddox Holton, Scott Mullins and Julia Papp.
Subtitles available: Hebrew

'Aquarius' Mule' is Ben Rider's first professional short film, catch his first feature , 'To Love Somebody', on Vimeo VOD



Scott Mullins




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  • Claudette FLINT
    5 years ago
    Sorry but I didn't feel anything. It is a bold and sensitive subject. I can't really express what is missing in the film. Perhaps, because I taught for two years in a prison and heard some of the young inmates'stories, I can't be satisfied with some 'arty scenes'.

    I heard and saw some raw scenes at the prison and I think this film doesn't bring anything to the subject. In prison, the reality goes far beyond the imagination. You meet tragedy with humour! How about a mother baking a birthday cake with cocaine for a six year old? Then I met this six year old when he was 18, in the prison, with lots of self injury wounds.... and you're not allowed to help, only to teach. That is another tragedy. Try to make a film of it.
  • Stuart Wright
    5 years ago
    I felt the same as Jamie about the film... bold subject but not emotionally involved enough in the story told to care. You wrote that festivals were shocked by it. I fail to see why it is shocking. Disturbing and challenging maybe, but certainly not shocking
  • Bradley Oliver-White
    5 years ago
    Really well shot. Some good acting in there too. Nice work! Didn't like the piano at the end as much as the other music though which I thought was quite original.

  • Liza Bolton
    5 years ago
    Good one Ben. I wanted more which is good and the music was really great too. good job.
  • Maria Ann Hylton MSc
    5 years ago
    Could I possibly have the contact details of the composer please? Or could you pass my details on which is
    That would be much appreciated.

  • Matt Jamie
    5 years ago
    Interesting idea, and some good photography in there. For me i felt we weren't taken on a journey with the material though. We know from the opening shot where we're going to end up, but then we jump back into the story only shortly before the end. We don't really learn anything about (or care about) the parents (why or how they ended up like they are, for example), or get to see what their relationship with their kid is like, or what happened to him... and we never meet the child either so it's difficult to feel involved in the characters lives. A bold subject to takle but perhaps too narrow a window here to view the depth of the issues.
  • Andy Sweet
    5 years ago
    Touches nerves, great start with the body also like the strange music really adds to the mood of film..Great Ben.
  • Gary Stevens
    5 years ago
    A powerful story set against a dark undertone captured by good lighting, and direction I felt the male lead was a good strong charactor and appropriately casted.
  • Jane Hamer
    5 years ago
    This is, haunting, powerful and moving. Beautifully acted. The camera work and sound during the drug state works really well. The young boy covered up is an image that stays with you. Well done.
  • Ben Rider (Filmmaker!)
    5 years ago
    Thanks Ryan!

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