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Shooting People
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Running Time:
5 min

Star Icon 51


About this film

A short take on immigration

co Directed by Daniel Lumb and Crinan Campbell


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  • martin nicholson
    4 years ago
    The cinematographt was top notch. Personally, this audience would like a few more clues as to what's going down... I think he's not an extraterrsial alien, he's an assylum seeking illegal tormented by memories of cruel treatment... and confused by the reality of Britain. I could be wrong but I sholdn't have to guess.

    Keep up the good work, it's got feeling.
  • Hima B.
    4 years ago
    like how you subtly played with the concept that the undocumented guy is an exterestrial alien. Nice take on the idea that he's an outsider. Curious to know what camera you used + how you did the floating scenes--You guys conveyed so much with zero dialogue.
  • Caroline Demopoulos
    4 years ago
    Well done!
  • Shoaib Vali
    4 years ago
    one of the better shorts ive seen in the last few months, you guys got some serious talent, keep up the good work.

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