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Oil and Water

Running Time:
10 min 6 s

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About this film

In a derelict garage, Darren, a man full of love and rage is caught between the two sides of his personality, the old and the new, the violence and the love, the image and the truth.

Playing against the myth of the east end hard man, this is a Shakespearean tragedy in the real world.


Director/Producer/Cam op/Editor



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  • Fat Rat Films (Filmmaker!)
    4 years ago
    Thanks Rupert
  • Rupert Baker
    4 years ago
    This is a fine piece of work...completely compelling the way Darren slowly lets slip and discloses himself while conversing....I particulary liked the array of shots in the garage....the quick cuts with the counter point of Darren get someone you would expect to find in a unit off any street in a city. Rupert Baker
  • Emma Dove
    5 years ago
    Scottish?! Well, I'm sure you could find a Scottish version of Darren quite easily, but they'd most likely be even more unintelligible (I say this being Scottish myself!). But I wouldn't say that as a criticism - I think it is one of the things that makes it so engaging - his accent, his dialect, his chat as a 'stream of cosciousness'. In some ways the way he talks allows him to fit in to the mould of his stereotyped role, but as his character unfolds it is like there are these other layers beyond and an intimacy that you would not first expect. I'm really interested in these little personal portraits of characters. A film I worked on was in the May FOTM and as of yet doesn't have any comments from fellow Shooters... I'd be interested to hear your thoughts? The film is On Another Note.

    All the best.
  • Fat Rat Films (Filmmaker!)
    5 years ago
    Thank you for the lovely comments, you've made us very happy.

    To reply individually:
    Ed: I think you're right, he's like everyone in that he's unsure of the world around him sometimes, but I think were he comes from it's unusual to talk about that. The final cut to credits as opposed to keeping it up just seemed to fit with the way the rest was edited, somewhat brutal maybe but in keeping.

    Emma: He definitely owned the screen, he kind of prowls around, and draws you too him. the first shot was the first one we shot, and it's actually about 5 minutes long. You know how you're never sure that someone will work on camera till you see them? well instantly we knew with him. We played with having that opening scene go on much longer because it worked so well without any cutting, but it made the whole film too long in the end.

    The bad reviews - We entered it to Silverdocs last year, here are a couple of reviews we saw:
    "I would be unable to choose the worst movie of the lot had I not seen Oil & Water"
    "Oil and Water is 10 minutes of unintelligible gibberish..."

    The second reviewer thought he was scottish, which may have explained that comment.

    Tim: That was a good screening at DocHeads - the first we'd done after those reviews, but people seemed to get the film that time. Glad you liked it, I agree it's better to have extreme views, who wants beige? If you're film can move people either way then at i guess you're doing something right.

    Thanks again to all of you for taking the time, come down to DocHeads ( if you like the doc shorts.
    Fred and Gemma.
  • Tim iloobia
    5 years ago
    As soon as I started watching I remembered seeing this a while back at Doc Heads and really getting lost in the film: your patient and natural but elegant approach with the camera, the editing style and the way the film took its own time to unravel appealed to me greatly. Please don't be confused by good and bad reactions! the best work always inspires divided opinion and often the sign of really successful work! Indifference is the worst reaction. A passionate reaction - either good or bad is one to be valued in my humble opinion. (by the way I like your titles at the end - short and sweet and un-intrusive)
  • Emma Dove
    5 years ago
    I found this really interesting - I liked the cinematography - the long shots dwelling on the little nooks and crannies of Darren's work place have a lot of character. I found that when Darren was actually in a space, the feel of that space changed completely (like when you saw him with a cutaway in the background that had already been seen). I enjoyed the edit style - it allowed the story to evolve in a really intriguing way. You mentioned in the bulletin that you've had some of your 'worst and best reviews' towards this film - I'm interested to hear what some of the criticisms have been? I suppose it just comes down to the individual... but in terms of the way you reveal your character and his story, I can't really find a way to fault it myself.
  • Ed Stradling
    5 years ago
    I thought this was pretty good. I disagree with Darren, I think he is normal. I don't watch soaps but he shows how realistic shows like EastEnders really are! The film well paced and well shot. Personally I would have been interested to know more about to what extent his lapses of behaviour were booze-related. End credits would looked nicer if you'd left that lovely final shot of the dust cloud in vision, and flushed the credits over to the right of the screen in the dark area - rather than just going to black. Everyone seems to just go to black on shorts for some reason.
  • Fat Rat Films (Filmmaker!)
    5 years ago
    Thanks Matt, glad you liked it. What did you think of Darren? People tend to have very mixed views.
  • Matt Jamie
    5 years ago
    Lovely work. Great pacing and editing and photography.

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