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Shooting People
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Sigur Ros-Varuo


Sigur Ros - VarĂșĂ° from Daniel Grasskamp on Vimeo.

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About this film

Submission for the Sigur Ros Valtari mystery film competition.

Shot on the RED Epic in Brighton, UK




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  • Carolyn Goodyear
    4 years ago
    Who is the music by ?- it is beautiful
  • Jason Wingard
    4 years ago
    Really enjoyed that Danny - really nice work.
  • David Graham Scott
    4 years ago
    Made my morning....and probably my evening too!! Great wee film! 5 stars!
  • Daniel Grasskamp (Filmmaker!)
    4 years ago
    Thank you all for the lovely comments :)
  • Big tree photographic
    4 years ago
    Very beautiful imagery that we'd loved to have seen at the end of a movie for the crying bit. No idea what they're singing about, but hey.
  • Petroula Kaneti-Dimmer
    4 years ago
    A beautiful piece of work. Amazing how the sea can create such comfort. Loved the music and how it was used in the piece. Good luck. If you have a chance have a look at my work. Good luck.
  • David Hewitt
    4 years ago
    excellent, mellow piece of work Daniel - good stuff.

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