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Shooting People
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16 s

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Alexandra Queen

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About this film

DID is a short film we have been working on since 2014. The film's content is inspired and written with pure emotion, originality and great artistic view. It has involved a lot of volunteer effort and working hours which derives from a small group of people, each one specialized in different pre- and post-production activities. It may be not a profitable project, but during the process we have invested a reasonable sum to secure quality for our audience, whoever that might be. Our aim has been since the very start to create a unique approach and engage our followers, based on our personal abilities and initiates. The project’s aim is to deliver high specs and cover every professional industry standards. Written by Alexandra Kavoura

Storyline: A fictitious young woman, Ana, provides the settings for this short film drama. The story unfolds overnight in a quiet small village, part of the beautiful countryside of East Sussex. Ana is making her way towards a small but stunning dark cottage among the beautiful scenery that the countryside evokes. Something is pushing her forward on this obscure journey, leaving her pretty much with no option to act differently. What will follow is a series of events that will transcend, evoke and redefine her emotions and entire life.



  • ''Film of the Month'' competition on Shooting People - 5th runner-up