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Shooting People
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Creative Producer/Director


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Adam Gill

About this film

Adam Gill is a creative, proactive and resourceful Senior Producer/Director with 25 years experience in professional and international video production. This includes creating TV content, producing promotional campaigns, launching and developing channels, managing budgets and mentoring talent.

Adam has a passion for all media, the ability to implement ideas and an efficient, flexible approach to work.

As well as developing brands in international markets, Adam Gill has extensive and advanced knowledge of the On-Air and On-Line creative processes, including cross-channel promotion and preparing work for digital platforms.

With considerable experience in Live, Recorded, Studio and Location productions, Adam is familiar with a wide spectrum of video production and confident working with creative teams, marketing departments and clients. Adam can take charge of any assignment, from taking a brief, developing an appropriate production process, right through to post-production and delivery the product in whatever format is required.

Adam has worked as Senior Producer for a wide range of broadcast companies, including Discovery Europe, Disney Italia and the BBC. He has also worked as a freelance Producer for Sky Italia during their launch period and independently produced campaigns for Discovery Italia and Paramount Comedy Italia.

As well as being very good at managing budgets, facilities & staff, Adam is a creative individual and always looking for a new challenge. He is also a practical person with a very good knowledge of camerawork, lighting, editing and scripting. Adam’s background in graphic design and animation, which has proved to be a great asset throughout his career.

The Highlights of my career so far have been, interviewing Stephen Hawking for a Discovery Special Feature, Exec Producing Disney Channel Italia’s daily live show, Filming a Rocket Launch in Kazakhstan, being Lead Creative Producer for Aljazeera’s US Presidential Coverage.

You can check out my Portfolio of work at:


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