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Shooting People
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Across the Tracks: Steps towards Clean India


About this film

I was the producer and director of the documentary project which produced a number of outputs:

- A 20 minute documentary broadcast in India
- A 10 minute documentary
- A 5 minute documentary for The Guardian
- A multimedia longform story for WaterAid's website
- Social media short teasers and clips

Film synopsis:
As the Clean India campaign gets underway, with its ambitious target of a toilet for every household by 2019, WaterAid explores how something as simple as a toilet can help transform lives by following the story of one ambitious mother in Uttar Pradesh.

Radha Verma, determined to protect her daughter after she narrowly escapes a physical attack, builds one of the first toilets in Rakhi Mandi slum, home to 3,500 people. Radha’s story shows that change is possible, even in a challenging urban environment, and that ultimately everyone, everywhere needs a safe place to go to the toilet.

With support from WaterAid’s local partner, Sharmik Bharti, and the HSBC Water Programme.




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