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Shooting People
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Anton (Aka Trapped)

Running Time:
1 min 36 s


Patrick C

About this film

Anton (AKA 'Trapped')
Nominated for 3 Irish Film Academy Awards

Directed by Graham Cantwell
Starring Gerard McSorley, Anthony Fox and Laura Way
Screenplay by Anthony Fox
Produced by Patrick Clarke and Anthony Fox Anton O'Neill returns home after five years at sea, he finds that 1970's Ireland is a radically different place to the one he left behind. Northern Ireland is in flames, and civil unrest has spilled south of the border to his beloved home in County Cavan. Anton’s attempts to create a life for himself and his young family are violently interrupted when his experience with explosives attracts the attention of dangerous subversives. Drawn into this illicit world against the wishes of his family, he is forced to choose between the woman he loves and the justice he believes in, all the while trying to stay one step ahead of Lynch, a corrupt detective hell-bent on framing him. Falsely imprisoned, he engineers his escape and flees to Paris, but when he returns to salvage his original dream the scene is set for a final confrontation with his former comrades




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