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Shooting People
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Running Time:
9 min 30 s

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About this film

A burglar attempts to break into an old lady's safe but uncovers his victim's sad past whilst trying to guess the password through her belongings. What begins as a humorous and clumsy attempt at burglary slowly unveils to be a heart-shattering story about the love, tragedy and family of the burglar's victim. With its universal themes and emotions, 'Password' aims to have the same powerful impact as the first ten minutes as Pixar's 'Up.'


Young Lucy
Lucy Walshman

Nikolay Voronkov


Hannah Wilder

Lead-Young Margaret

Teenager Lucy
Rose Liston

Cassiano De Araujo

James Doherty


David Courtneidge


Matt Bailey

Camera Operator
Macro Sandeman

Camera Operator/ Gaffer
George Thomas


Mame up artist
Eloise Kerr


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  • Tim Porter
    8 years ago
    I think as it's compressed to low quality like with my film, motion blurring occurs which is a bit off putting. The concept is quite fresh, just for me personally the flashback stuff was too much, it could have been tighten in places-it's lingers on those events too much in my opinion; also the douchebag father's performance was a bit too un-naturalistic. On the other hand, the camera work is highly professional. I wish you all the best in with future productions.
  • Dean Evans
    8 years ago
    Nice twist to the film!
  • Pradeep Shahi (Filmmaker!)
    8 years ago
    thanks to all for watching it and giving your feedbacks....cheers
  • Stuart Wright
    8 years ago
    Great effort ... wanted a real burglar not the daughter .. but that me
  • Carl Treeby
    8 years ago
    Very nice film.

    Few issues with sound and, like someone else mentioned, the editing was a bit cheesy in places but overall, very entertaining.
  • Agnieszka Mazurek-Pereira
    8 years ago
    I loved the story, but I found it a little too sentimental. It's quite unexpected, which is good.
  • Julian Field
    8 years ago
    An excellent piece of work!
  • Pradeep Shahi (Filmmaker!)
    8 years ago
    Cheers for watching and giving me your feedbacks...much much appretiated..
    As for quality some reason the audio didnt syncronized so had to use this low quality version. However you watch in high quality in link below-
    thank you again.
  • John Baker
    8 years ago
    Lovely concept for a short. I am not so keen on the sound design and some of the editing though, makes it a bit cheesy where it doesn't need to be.
  • Matt Jamie
    8 years ago
    Nice photography and ideas in the real life sections of the film - great shots, composition and editing. But the "memory/photos" section looks and sounds a bit like an educational video on family strife. I wanted to know what was in the safe too...

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