Sheffield Doc/Fest 2015: Day 3

Posted June 8th, 2015 by Kelie Petterssen

Planetary (dir. Guy Reid) Meditation Session


Yes, I meditated to a film – this was a nice little retreat from the hustle and bustle of the festival. Taking yourself away to a ‘mindfulness meditation’ session to the audio of Planetary; a poetic and cosmic journey into global perspective. It’s a visual reminder that every living thing is connected that will question your own environmental awareness. The soundscapes are mesmerising, so much so that I completely missed the bells ringing for the meditation to end – only coming to once everyone had packed up. Strong stuff.

Planetary is actually available on VoD now.

Deep Web (dir. Alex Winter)

Alex Winter’s new documentary is a solid companion piece to his previous work Downloaded, attempting to explore of  the man at the centre of the Silk Road, an online black market, that was brought to trial last year

Almost There (dir. Dan Rybicky & Aaron Wickenden)

An under-the-radar gem of a film, this doc was in the making for 8 years after the filmmakers met a fascinating old man at a pierogi festival. That man turned out to be outsider artist Peter Anton, a local character living in a run-down old house overflowing with paintings, drawings, collages – and cats. They follow Peter for years, slowly uncovering layers of a cranky, energetic and endlessly creative personality. The film becomes an intriguing tug and pull game between documentarian and subject, erasing the fine line that exists between the people behind and in front of the camera.

If you missed out on its Doc/Fest screening, Almost There is coming to London on 10 June 8.30pm at DocHouse.

The Damned: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead (dir. Wes Orshoki)

Unfortunately, you won’t see a Vanian, James, Rat Scabies and Senisible reunion – what you will get is an entertaining and intimate insight into the life of ‘The Damned’ then, and now. Wes Orshoski spent 4 years following and getting behind the scenes with the origins of the punk rock movement. From their unruly behaviour, to the ‘curse of the Damned’, this film will certainly leave fans with aggressive nostalgia, and is a living testament to the fact that punk isn’t dead.

  1. john

    Awesome list of films, I personally found the “Almost There” to be the most interesting

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